۱۰. Are online friendships since genuine as face-to-face friendships?

۱۰. Are online friendships since genuine as face-to-face friendships?

For most people, the concern that is biggest in terms of trying on the web friendship may be the dilemma of whether or not online friendships are since genuine as face-to-face friendships. A research done by ethnographer Denise M. Carter during the period of 3 years shows that they’re.

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Based on sociologist Anthony Giddens, who Carter sources extensively, the 3 aspects of relationship are:

  • Freedom
  • Dedication
  • Intimacy

Freedom refers to your concept that friendships are opted for, unlike kinship ties that are dependant on delivery. Commitment may be the proven fact that your shared relationship will withstand studies throughout time, and closeness may be the relationship of trust which makes individuals comfortable sharing information that is personalsuch as for example their secrets, battles, and hopes for the near future) with each other.

Even though many individuals question whether these three components – especially intimacy – can truly be developed online, Carter’s research indicates that they could.

In reality, she states, the world wide web makes it much simpler to build up intimate friendships because individuals aren’t limited by the social and social norms which could influence their face-to-face friendships, such as for example socioeconomic status and social hierarchy. In addition, it could be better to start to individuals online due to the protection in once you understand these are generally not able to break your self- self- confidence by sharing it with shared acquaintances. (4)

Consider these relevant concerns to learn if on line friendship is actually for you personally:

  • Do you realy find it difficult to form face-to-face friendships due to shyness, social anxiety, or perhaps an observed not enough social abilities? بیشتر